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Dog Bath – Why a bath is important.

Dogs are more needy than humans, sometimes. During the ‘inside’ months, bathing plays an important role in your puppy’s health.

During winter the coat and skin, which are the largest organs that your puppy has, have a tendency to collect dust, dirt and sometimes contract undesired guests. Keeping puppy clean and free of dirt and making their coat an uninviting host to parasites.

There are a large number of benefits The first and foremost is that is keeps you aware of your puppy’s health. In fact, steady baths enable you to monitor your puppy’s health on somewhat of a schedule. As you bathe puppy, you can check puppy’s ears, teeth, nails and skin. If you note any redness or worse, you an take fast action.

Provided nothing is wrong, you should look carefully to see if there is the presence of fleas, mites, lice or ticks, these are issues that need quick attention and the sooner you find anything here the better for you (money wise – ‘flea bombing’ the house can be costly) and puppy, we don’t want any parasites.

Another benefit is that the bath removes dander. This can cause a benefit by reducing allergic impacts both of you. The more often your puppy bathes, the less allergens they will be carrying around in their coat.

A softer coat is another nice benefit of bathing. It’s a win for both of you and your paying attention to the puppy of the house will help you bond closer to your puppy. Most importantly it removes dirt and other ugly things that give puppy an odor and make it unpleasant.

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